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The Mummy

Rating: M

Running time: 1hr 51mins

Thought safely entombed in a crypt deep beneath the desert, an ancient princess whose destiny was unjustly taken from her is awakened in the modern era, bringing with her malevolence grown over millennia and terrors that defy human comprehension...

Wednesday, 28 June 8.15pm (Last Session)

Cars 3

Rating: G

Running time: 1hr 49mins

After being trounced in a race by upstart newcomer Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer), everyone begins to wonder if Lighting McQueen (Owen Wilson) should retire. But Lightning isn't ready to throw in the towel yet, and with the help of another rookie - Cruz Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo) - the old dog is going to learn some new tricks and attempt a comeback in the Florida 500...

Wednesday, 28 June 11am, 1.15pm, 6pm
Thursday, 29 June 10.45am, 7pm
Friday, 30 June 10.45am, 7pm
Saturday, 1 July 12.45pm, 5pm
Sunday, 2 July 10.45am, 3pm, 7.15pm
Tuesday, 4 July 5.45pm
Wednesday, 5 July 11.45am, 6pm
Thursday, 6 July 12.45pm, 5pm
Friday, 7 July 3pm, 7.15pm
Saturday, 8 July 1pm, 5.15pm
Sunday, 9 July 10.45am, 3pm, 7.15pm
Tuesday, 11 July 3.30pm, 5.45pm
Wednesday, 12 July 1pm, 5.15pm (Last Session)

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Rating: M

Running time: 2hrs 6mins

Robbed of his birthright, Arthur comes up the hard way in the back alleys of the city. But once he pulls the sword from the stone, he is forced to acknowledge his true legacy - whether he likes it or not...

Wednesday, 28 June 3.30pm (Last Session)

Despicable Me 3

Rating: PG

Running time: 1hr 30mins

Gru faces off against Balthazar Bratt, a former child star who has grown up to become obsessed with the character that he played in the '80s, and gets into some sibling rivalry when he meets his long-lost charming, cheerful, and more successful twin brother Dru who wants to team up with him for one last criminal heist to steal the diamond that Bratt has stolen...

Saturday, 1 July 10.45am, 3pm, 7.15pm
Sunday, 2 July 1pm, 5.15pm
Tuesday, 4 July 11.30am, 3.45pm
Wednesday, 5 July 4pm
Thursday, 6 July 10.45am, 3pm, 7.15pm
Friday, 7 July 1pm, 5.15pm
Saturday, 8 July 11am, 3.15pm, 7.30pm
Sunday, 9 July 1pm, 5.15pm
Tuesday, 11 July 11.30am

Wonder Woman

Rating: M

Running time: 2hrs 21mins

Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior. Raised on a sheltered island paradise, when an American pilot crashes on their shores and tells of a massive conflict raging in the outside world, Diana leaves her home, convinced she can stop the threat. Fighting alongside man in a war to end all wars, Diana will discover her full powers.and her true destiny. An Amazonian princess leaves her island home to explore the world and, in doing so, becomes one of the world's greatest heroes...

Thursday, 13 July

Rough Night

Rating: MA15+

Running time: 1hr 41mins

In Rough Night, an edgy comedy, five best friends from college (played by Scarlett Johansson, Kate McKinnon, Jillian Bell, Ilana Glazer, and ZoČ Kravitz) reunite 10 years later for a wild bachelorette weekend in Miami. Their hard partying takes a hilariously dark turn when they accidentally kill a male stripper. Amidst the craziness of trying to figure out what to do, their night takes some hilariously unexpected turns, ultimately bringing them closer together when it matters most...

Thursday, 20 July

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