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Enjoy a relaxed cinema setting where you are always welcome! Whether you have issues with sensory overload or just need a relaxed enviroment to take you're baby so you can enjoy a movie.

 Each of our sensory friendly sessions provide you with easy access for wheelchairs, walkers, prams, rockers or carriers. There is a lift to access the cinema foyer and plenty of room to place any aids or prams or if you arrive early enough grab a seat with pram access.

Our cinema lights are dimmed so you're not watching in pitch black darkness, the sound is lowered, and if your little one feels the need to cry or make some noise, all the other movie-goers should understand because they have attended the sensory session!

Look for the purple boxes on the flyers for Sensory Sessions screenings.

$12 tickets for Sensory Session Screenings, plus, babies under 2 come free!




If you have any questions about our Sensory Sessions please do not hesitate to contact us.


See you at a movie soon!